Looking to buy a LDD23 motherboard

Looking to buy a LDD23 motherboard

Our local client, in Lima – Peru, is looking to buy a NEW LDD23 – 857C1059597 113C1059596 motherboard for a Frontier 550 – Fuji Lab photo printer. Best option if they are suppliers from China or America.

Please send quotation to our email address: marketing@visualnetglobal.net

Include: price, method of payment, shipping delivered to Lima, Peru, taxes, etc.

One thought on “Looking to buy a LDD23 motherboard

  1. Thanks to a contact in China, we were able to buy the part. The part was sent to Lima via DHL, door to door, so I got it at my address on march 13, The same day it was delivered to our client! It was very good, and now we know where to find different electronic parts.

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